Performance Styles

Whether you are planning an intimate party for 20 guests, a wedding reception for 200 or a corporate event for 2000, we will make sure that your guest will go away having experienced live music like no other.


Whether you are looking for just 1 singer, or a full team of musicians – we can help. We also cater for Jain Sadaris (Prathna Sabhas) and Shradhanjalis. We can perform a wide range of bhajans, of different faiths and styles.


We are the leading music group for bhajans in the UK, providing you with tailored live music for your occasion. This could be prayers in memory of a loved one or celebratory event. If you have any specific requests, we’re able to prepare them just as long as we have enough time to prepare!


Mehfil evenings have changed to include old/new Bollywood, Ghazals and Qawwalis. We love audience participation so always encourage that.


We provide a range of corporate events, from instrumentals with bansuri, sitar and tabla, to a full on group for festival and celebratory events.

Combinations: Tabla / Harmonium, Tabla / Bansuri, Guitar / Piano, Tabla / Sitar

Jain Stavans

As Bhavik being a Jain himself, that’s where his passion for music began. Bhavik performs various Jain stavans – from celebratory events to prayers. We have a wide selection of songs so can cater to your requests and are able to prepare. Also available to performs for festivals such as Paryushan.

Fusion Bhajans

Bhajans is where Bhavik started his music journey and his true heart lies. Bhavik’s number one aim in the work he does in the music scene is to inspire the younger generation with Bhajans. We’re looking to collaborate with communities and organisations to put on concerts and interactive shows for youngsters.

Raas Garba

Whether you’re organising a charity evening or your wedding pre-wedding function? Our team can perform for your evening – fusing unique instruments to create an evening to remember for your guests.

Mehndi Nights

Planning your upcoming wedding? Let us entertain your guests and create a musical evening to remember, whether at home or in a hall. We can perform a range of old/new Bollywood songs, romantic Ghazals to Qawwalis.

Live Lagna Geet

Planning your upcoming wedding? Our team is able to perform live music to match the ceremony. What we love is to infuse the traditional songs and sounds with a western touch.